Friday, May 25, 2007

Put My Butt in the Chair

I love how Alison Lee talks about putting your butt in the chair on her podcast CraftCast. The point is that one of the things you have GOT to do is get yourself doing SOMETHING to get your creativity flowing. Recently I listened to one of her podcasts where it was pointed out that artists do NOT always (probably hardly ever) get their finished product on their very first try. There are lots and lots of things that get thrown away before you come up with something you like. Even though I probably knew this all along, hearing it was very inspirational for me and freed me up to try new stuff. I did put my butt in the chair and I did throw away a few drafts before coming up with this final design. That is OK! I pulled out all kinds of supplies that I normally don't use and just started experimenting. The result is that I finished my cards for my first card swap and I think they are acceptable. I am my worst critic so I can't say for sure I love them but I do like them. I pushed myself enough to know I did the best I could on this one at this time. The theme for the swap was "Tag You're It!". I made a pocket card and in the pocket is a tag (= bookmark).

You can't tell from the picture but the bookmark is very sparkley. I covered the whole front with dazzling diamonds glitter (made by Stampin' Up!).
Here are the directions and supply list for the card and bookmark.

I liked this swap and will do more because the deadline forces me to get DONE and it encourages me to push my creativity level up because I want to make something that people are going to really like.

I am running in a 1/2 marathon on Sunday in Madison (WI). I think I am ready for it. I ran 10 miles this past Wednesday and as soon as I am done with this post I am off to run 13 miles.

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