Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I'm a Marathoner Now

The Madison Half Marathon on May 27 was a lot of fun. You can see in the photo above that my time was 2:13:21. That's 10 minute and 15 second miles. I am very happy with that as a first time half marathoner. It really helped to have friends and family cheering me on along the way. Here you can see Lydia sitting on the grass cheering for me .

The Madison Marathon was very well organized. There were a handful of hills but they were spread out enough that they weren't a problem. Lots to see along the way to make it an enjoyable run. I received a medal for finishing.

The following weekend, on June 2, I walked a marathon for Walk Wisconsin and that took me about 6 hours and 15 minutes. It rained for a couple of hours and the wet feet (even with an extra pair of socks at the 13 mile point) made the last 7 miles or so pretty uncomfortable. I would have enjoyed it more had my feet not gotten so wet. I'm still glad I did it however because I know that I can finish a marathon now.

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