Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dog Fashions

After our babysitter commented on how well she likes the bandanas our dogs wear, I have been wanting to make some for her two dogs. I went to the fabric store yesterday looking for fall fabric and found this. I will have these wrapped up for her when she comes over tonight. It was nice to use the sewing machine today. It's so relaxing. I enjoy dressing our dogs in different bandanas. Since Ken won't let me get a chijuaua (yet), this is as close as I can come to dressing my dogs.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Crafter's Block

My blog posts have been few and far between lately. I seem to be procrastinating about crafting. What the heck?!? I am observing, partly due to the lack of posts on this blog, that whenever I find some free time I come up with something else that "has to get done" before I craft; Stuff like organizing all of my daughter's hair gizmos (rubber bands, barrettes, etc.), cleaning out desk drawers, file cabinets, and closets. I usually don't get the urge to do these things. Ever.

Today I actually crafted some things to necessitate a post. The card above is for a swap I am in that I turned in a day late but nevertheless did finish. We were given the owl stamped in black. I am looking forward to seeing what the other girls in the swap did with this guy.

I didn't feel like putting the paper, stamps, and inks away just yet so I made this card for a relative whose b-day is coming up soon.

My friend Dawn put one of my cupcake pincushions in a cupcake swap that she is in this month. I had the cupcake close to being done (as shown in this post) but she needed to finish it off with some embellishments which I never got around to doing (shocker). I am looking forward to seeing what she did with it because she is super crafty. I love cupcakes. The theme for the card swap in September is cupcakes too!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Talent Show No. 1

Lydia decided to put together a talent show. She recruited her dad and her cousin Laurel to perform. Lydia has planned another talent show for this coming Tuesday and I am a part of the show this time as well! I will be doing card making.