Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of 4th Grade

I walked Lydia to school today for her first day of 4th grade today. I thought that I wouldn't cry anymore since this was the 5th time we've done the first day of school thing but that was not the case. I am so excited for her to be starting a new school year. We went to find your room night on Monday. After we met her new teacher (who seems really great) and we filled up her desk with all of her new school supplies, we went to look at the art room because that is her favorite room. Her eyes light up when she walks in there. On the way she told me how she loves the smell of school. I am the same way. It brings back memories of my days in elementary school. I am looking forward to hearing how her day went when she gets home this afternoon. Time to get back into dance schedules, time with friends, decorating lockers, drawing on notebook covers, and trying to understand 4th grade math for both of us!