Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2011 Point Bock Run

1,842 people finished the Point Bock Run this year. I was one of them and did my best time ever. My goal was 9 minute miles but I ended up with an 8:33 pace, finishing the 5 miles in 42:43. The fastest woman was Breeda Willis who finished in 27:52. She was already home and showered by the time I finished. LOL Race Results

Magnificent Manicures

Lydia got this Magnificent Manicure Kit as a gift for Christmas from her Aunt Tracey. We just pulled it out this past weekend to play with it. We did manicures on Saturday and pedicures on Sunday. We had so much fun. Lydia loved the science part of this just as much as seeing how nice her nails looked when we were done. We created our own lotion and sea salt scrub. I highly recommend this for anybody who has girls that enjoy science. It comes with a pamphlet that asks you questions about the different results you get by mixing certain things together and there are even answers for the moms like me who didn't do all that well in chemistry.