Friday, May 11, 2007

Gardening is Great Exercise!

Yesterday I spent an hour in my garden. It was a great day for it here in Wisconsin (felt like 80-ish). I wore my Polar sports watch out of curiosity to see if gardening could get my heart pumping (this was my off day from running). Turns out gardening is a good low impact work out. I burned over 200 calories in 45 minutes. My average heart rate was 113...not too bad. In my opinion, gardening is hard work and I've avoided it in the past for that reason but I think I'm starting to enjoy it.

Lydia and I planted some cucumbers. I sure hope they take because she will be so excited to watch them grow. We tried tomatoes from seed last year and they would have been great but I got them in too late and the frost got to them before they got mature enough.

I dug up what I thought was one Asian Lily (Angie tells me that's what they are) to move it and discovered I had about 15 bulbs in one place so I separated them all and spread them throughout my garden. Here is one of them that I relocated...I was able to squeeze in 5.6 miles today before picking up Lydia from school. I then proceeded to go to my sister's candle party and eat up all the calories I burned! I guess I need to look at this as it would have been worse had I not run at all. Tomorrow morning is my long run for the week. Hoping it goes as well as it did last Saturday.

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