Monday, May 7, 2007

Flower Pots

My 5 year old daughter and craft partner, Lydia, painted these flower pots this evening. She LOVES to craft just like her mom--I have a craft partner for life and I am so thrilled about that. I bought her some pet grass the other day at the grocery store and I plan on using two of these pots as the new home for the grass. She also brought home a plant she started at school which I'll be using the third pot for.

I have several craft projects going on right now, all in different stages. I need to hang these letters that I finished in my daughter's room. I also purchased this awesome cross-stitch pattern from and now I need to get all the materials for it. I am also currently working on a "Wall of Art" for my kitchen. I am painting old picture frames and windows of various sizes and putting cork board inside them and these will be used to display my daughter's art work. The cork will be nice because I can continuously rotate the artwork easily and that's handy because I get a lot of masterpieces. I'm also doing a card swap which is due 5/25. This is my first swap and I'm very excited to be doing it. And I just won (way too many) wooden spools (with no thread) on eBay yesterday. I will have plenty for the next project I have my eye on thanks to my new friend Naomi who introduced me to SomersetLife, so if you need a vintage wooden spool...

I'll be posting some pictures of some of the other projects I've finished recently on my flickr site.

Ran 4.5 miles today.


  1. Hey Becky---Congratulations!!!!! I love it! And I think I am inspired to run...I NEVER have in my life though! Rusty laughs at that mind picture!

  2. If I can run, anyone can become a runner. When I first started running (about 15 years ago) I could not run the length of one block so you can do it.