Monday, January 14, 2008

We Love Making Books

I just got the new Ginger Blossoms paper pack from Stampin' Up! and had to make a book with it right away. Actually I just made the covers and then I finished the signatures and the covers for this one...
I ran out of bookbinding glue so I ordered some more and will finish these up once that arrives.

Lydia had a great time making her own book too...

I am inspired by this post by Soule Mama about making books with and for kids. It occurred to me that I have been doing this all along with spiral notebooks. It will be more fun to make our own books together and I am now inspired to keep some readily available for Lydia to write in. She is very into writing stories right now. These will be treasures to hold on to.

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  1. Hi Becky,
    Cute books. Maybe you could show me how to make one some day.