Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Goodie Box

Well if you read my last post you know I am getting together with the girls this Friday and I need to come up with a project for them to make and a card for a swap. I had to use Stampin' Up! supplies and the new stamps only which limited me. I had other stamps I would have preferred to use. This is what I came up with for the project--I call it a Goodie Box. You could put a little note in it or some chocolate and leave it on your friend's desk at work to cheer her up because she has 327 emails in her inbox, charts due the next morning at 8 a.m., and she wants to stick a pencil in her eye because how is she supposed to get the charts done if she is in meetings all day for goodness sake people? I am going to precut the boxes on my Wishblade and take them pre-scored. We have too many other projects to make and quite honestly I don't have the patience to walk them through it without a Wishblade. By the time we'd be done I would be just as ready for that pencil. As far as the Goodie Box, I would probably use some fancier ribbon and different colors but I wanted to use up some supplies I have had for awhile. The goal is to share an idea to hopefully spark a new one and I think this does the job. I will have to make the cards tomorrow because I have to be up bright and early. And so I leave my kitchen table in quite a state and say good night.

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