Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Very Spooky Halloween

We carved punkins last night. Lydia's is on the left. The bat is mine and Ken carved the skull. I love the skull! Didn't he do a good job? Lydia won the carving contest again this year.

After pumpkin carving last night and much pleading from Lydia, we took her to the haunted house at the Rising Star Mill in Nelsonville. We were 5 steps into it and she said VERY sternly, "I want to get out of here RIGHT NOW!" There was no going back at that point so Ken walked through the rest of the haunted house with her wrapped around his neck clinging for life. It was put on by the YMCA and it was pretty spooky. I was scared even a few times.

We also made some cupcakes. Not as cool as the brain cupcakes we made last year but they are just as tasty.

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