Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pumpkins on Petunias Pumpkin Drop

It's Saturday morning and we're all sitting around trying to decide what to do with the day. We searched at and found Pumpkins on Petunias in Berlin, WI. It mentioned a farmer's market, crafts, bake sale, great shopping in the local shops, and a pumpkin drop. We like visiting small towns and decided that would be our destination for the day. I'm so glad we went. It was a great day! We met so many friendly people.

We didn't get very lost on the way but had to stop at a gas station to ask for directions. The gas station clerk ended up being from BER-lin (emphasis on first syllable) and smiled when Ken asked her where Ber-LIN was. When we arrived in town we parked and walked down Broadway looking for where this pumpkin drop may be. We weren't quite sure exactly what the pumpkin drop was. I was picturing them dropping pumpkins all over the road and thought that would be pretty messy. When we saw the fire truck and the large crowd standing around it, we knew that was it. We stood in the front with all of the locals (and 3 lovely girls from Chicago) and watched them drop these 3 huge pumpkins on this car. [Sorry the video is sideways. I don't have time for video editing these days. I would love to have more time for that some day though.]

There's much more to tell about this day but I must get to work now so I will have to share more later!

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