Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkins and Brain Cupcakes

I had off from work for most of the day today so Lydia and I decided to make some cupcakes -- brain cupcakes that is.

We carved pumpkins this week too. Ken's is on the left, Lydia's is in the middle, mine is on the right. I think Ken and Lydia's pumpkins turned out great. Ken said his looked like he felt the day we carved these and I believe him (sore neck).

Lydia also painted several pumpkins and had lots of fun with this.
Lydia is a cheetah for halloween this year. I totally misunderstood the look she was going for. I bought the leopard jacket thinking she wanted to be one of the members of the Cheetah Girls singing band but when she asked me to paint her face I realized she was going for the actual animal. Hey, she's happy with it, so I am too.

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