Monday, September 10, 2007

Window Frame Art Gallery is Complete

The window frames we made to display Lydia's artwork are finally finished and in use on the kitchen wall. Notice I said "we" made. Ken (my husband) was a big help on this project. He didn't ask for a craft project. :-) He cut all of the cork to size and attached it to the windows. He also did all of the hanging. I am really happy with the finished product. Now we will have a nice way of displaying all of the art that comes home. And I no longer have a bare wall. The kitchen feels more "homey" now. When Lydia came home from school and saw the wall she said "Wow!" so I think she likes it. I do plan on painting the picture frame this week with the same color I used on the windows.


  1. Just Amazing collection!! You have done outstanding job!! Love your frame art gallery!!