Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lots of crafty things going on this week (and running too)

Last Sunday, Lydia and I participated in the 1 mile kids run/walk for the American Cancer Society. We purchased this flag in memory of my mom who passed away from cancer a couple years ago.

My craft pal and I have been doing many different kinds of crafting this past week. Lydia had some fun with her perler beads and made a snowflake.

I had to special order the fabric I need to do the Strength cross-stitch from and while I was waiting for it, I practiced up on my cross-stitch with the help of these free Sanrio patterns. Lydia asked me to create the Chococat pattern first so that is what I did. I am thinking of making a little pillow out of him for Lydia's baby doll.

I have started the Strength cross-stitch but the stitches are so dang small! Oh my goodness! I had to buy a magnifying glass. Seriously, I need it. It may take me forever to complete this project. I am thinking about asking the designer from MonsterBubbles how she works so small and if it's ok to miss a stitch here and there. How does one do something like this without going insane after 9 stitches (not even complete x's, just 9 diagonals!?). Her patterns are so cool but dang, the stitches are small!

I taught myself how to crochet a couple years ago. I am by no means good at it but I can make scarves. I have been wanting to try knitting but have had no luck in teaching myself. Well, I bought a children's book on how to knit and finally, last night I was able to cast on and do some garter stitches! You can see below that I am catching on. I'm not doing something right with the last stitch in the row. I was hoping to see my friend Dawn at church today so I could ask her what I am doing wrong. My grandma can help me too. She has a lifetime of experience and has made me and our family so many beautiful sweaters.

I am eager for our local quilt shop to start up some new beginner's quilting classes this fall. I want to learn how to quilt. Also, I am currently planning for a monthly craft club I want to hold at my house. Today I am going to work on a project for a good friend (I will post a picture of the finished project) and I must get started on my cards for the next card swap due this coming Thursday. The theme is "stitches".

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