Sunday, August 26, 2007

Baking and Painting this Weekend

Yesterday Lydia and I baked a couple dozen chocolate chip cookies and delivered them with a card to our new neighbors to welcome them to the neighborhood. The new neighbors are from Illinois and are new to the area. They don't have any kids but one is on the way and they have an old dog too so we have that in common. We also baked several cakes and cookies in Lydia's Easy Bake oven. We tried a Barbie's Pink Cake Mix recipe but I think maybe we made a mistake in our measuring because something wasn't quite right. We had lots of fun though and will keep trying other recipes. If you know of other Easy Bake recipes online please let me know.

The weather where we live (WI) has been very rainy or humid for quite awhile but today was not the case so I got out the paint and put a coat of paint on my primed windows. If you've been following along with me, you may remember I started this project quite awhile ago. I am determined to finish it before school starts on 9/4. I have some of the cork cut out. For those of you not following me, I am going to put cork in these windows and use them to display my daughter's art work. I thought the cork would be nice because we can easily swap new art work which we have a lot of around here! After this coat is dry, I think I'm going to spray them with a semi-gloss. The paint is a flat finish and I think the semi-gloss will make clean up easier which will come in handy because these will be getting handled a lot.

I'm leaving shortly for a 13 mile run. I am not motivated at all to run today but I need to stick to my training schedule. Ken and I are waiting for our Power90 kit to arrive. It should be hear early this week. We're going to do the program together. I've heard you are not supposed to start weight training the last few months of training for a marathon but I am going to be extra careful not to injure myself. I'm looking forward to learning more about the nutrition plan. We both need to start eating more healthy.

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