Saturday, September 15, 2007

21 Miler Results

Today was my longest run before I run in the Portland Marathon. Once again, I woke up for this run with a raging headache just like I did for the 30K. Felt like I was hung over. I think I was clenching my jaw in my sleep throughout the night because I was worried about today's 21 miler. I tried not to think about the run (worry) but my brain was working on it's own. I just returned from my run and my Polar sports watch tells me I ran for 4 hours, 9 minutes, and 45 seconds. Max heart rate was 178, average 158. Burned 2,501 calories. Ran for 23.67 miles. Max pace was 8:20, average was 10:32. Went through 4 Gu packets, 12 bottles of water, two of which were Accelerade. I had two bathroom breaks and needed to stop to stretch throughout the whole time. I took your advice Tara about the stretching to help with the achilles pain. The stretching helped to keep the pain in my achilles, knees, shins, and hips to a level that was tolerable. I saw a lot of my city and surrounding towns today! The weather was perfect this morning. Clear blue skies and chilly. I love this time of the year.

I was thinking about my life-long friends, Tara and Dana, that I will be doing the marathon with throughout the entire run. One friend lives in Oregon and the other about an hour to hour and a half away so we are training by ourselves. I am happy to be doing this marathon with them--a first for me and Tara, not sure about Dana. It will be something I will never forget.

My left ankle is sore. On the inside, between the ankle bone and heel where the indentation is. Going to take a bath now.

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