Saturday, May 3, 2008

New Ride for the Summer

Ken's new toy. I have been hearing about this for months now. It's all he has talked about and I am ready for a new subject! I worked today and then babysat so no crafting today. I am behind on my blocks of the month. Hope I can work on them soon. If nothing else, I can work on them next Friday because I'm having Craft Night with the girls at my house (6 til ???). If you're in the area and have a craft to work on, you're welcome to join us. Only thing is, you have to bring a treat to share. Have to get these girls into bed's late!


  1. I am still working on my blocks from last year!

  2. Awe, Lydia is turning into a little lady! I hope she sticks with it too! That would be so neat to have another artist, and a DANCER, in the family:)

    And I will be emailing Ken in a bit to tell him how JEALOUS I am. He better let me drive the thing when I get my license!