Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Scrapbooking 2 Days in a Row?!

I have this softies book, by Therese Laskey, checked out from our local library. There are several really cute projects in this book that I want to make, two of them being the tooth and the tree on the front cover. The cupcake inside looks good enough to eat as well. I may have to purchase this for my craft book library.

We were back to scrapbooking this evening. Scrapbooking, let alone two days in a row, is somewhat out of the ordinary for me these days but then again, it's been awhile since I've done any and I like to change things up a lot so in all actuality this is probably not so unordinary for me. Lydia created two of her own pages while I decided to finish this 7x7 album I've been working on for her. It contains pictures from last summer and every picture is of Lydia with either mom, dad, or the both of us. Two things prompted me to make this. One, I noticed that a very outdated picture of the three of us was very important to her and realized it was really the only picture she had handy of the three of us. (It's in a frame and she keeps it under her pillow and takes it with her on sleepovers too.) Two, she loves to look through other albums I have made for her. I thought she would like to have a entire album containing pictures of just the three of us spending time together and so now she does. This size album will pack nicely in an overnight bag for when she sleeps over at auntie's house.
I can focus on starting that Disney album now.

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