Sunday, April 20, 2008

Car Art

Ken and I spent the weekend in Madison (capitol of WI, which is a state in the central U.S. -- New Yorkers often ask me where WI is and I find that funny).  I went for a Mac class and since my brother lives there we made a weekend of it.  During our outing on Saturday in the downtown area we came upon this car that I had to take a few shots of so that I could share with you.  Is this person artistic or what?!  We wonder what kind of glue they used.  You have to appreciate this person's artistic flair.  There is no lack of flair on this car.


  1. This must be the new bondo(sp?)
    I wonder if all the bottle caps came from the beer they were drinking as they were decorating.

  2. I cannot believe Ken did not buy this thing!

  3. hi Becky,
    My name is Jason and I'm the creator of Claire the artcar. I used silicone glue (clear) and screws to hold everything on. The silicone stays a little fexible when dry, thus stuff won't break off when hitting one of the thousands of potholes around town. And a note to Shannon; I cannot lie and say I didn't drink a healthy portion of those bottles of beer, but I did have all my coworkers at the time collecting them for me as well. I'm glad you enjoyed meeting her.

  4. Jason -

    Great artcar! We would love it if you would bring your artcar to Hot Times in Columbus OH For more pictures, check out