Monday, November 19, 2007

Santa Came Early

Ken really wanted to get me an iPhone this year for Christmas (he has been talking about it for months) so we checked into the service in our area and learned that our area has really poor coverage. No shocker there. We couldn't even sign up for an AT&T plan with our home address. :-( We decided to hold off for now until the coverage gets better. Instead, Ken bought me an iPod touch for Christmas which has the same features minus the phone part. Ken named him Superfly Shnooka and I love him. My iPod nano (aka Lil Wedge, also named by Ken) has served me well but Ken is now it's new owner. He will probably assume ownership of Superfly Shnooka in a year or two as well, as soon as I can get good coverage with the iPhone.

By the way, I let Ken name electronic devices, not our children. I can't share some of the names he wanted to name our first born for the sake of offending men in Greece so let me just say his names are over the top for a child in central WI.

We are going to Cross Country Sports in Houghton, MI, the weekend of December 1 to pick up Ken's Kona Dawg Deluxe! He has been eying that thing up for months. He has yet to test ride it but I have a feeling we'll be bringing it home. I'd also like to test ride a Trek Fuel EX 5.5 WSD while we are there. I'm thinking of taking up biking so we can do that sport together. Ken went running with me yesterday and he enjoyed it. If I take up biking, maybe he will take up running. That is the hope anyway. :-)

Tomorrow is a big day for me. I have quilt class which means my homework needs to be done (it's not). The cards for my card swap are due as well (also not done)!!!! I will be busy tonight!!

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