Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Chococat Lunch Bag

The inspiration for this lunch bag came from the purl bee's Back to School Lunch Bag post. When I showed it to Lydia today she was all for it so after we made a quick stop at the Dance Education Center to get our new shoes and clothes for pop dance class this year, we went to Herrschnerrs to pick out the fabrics...

I cross-stitched the chococat a long time ago and always wondered what to do with him. We thought he'd work well with this bag. Lydia chose the brown polka-dotted fabric to match him. The purl bee pattern doesn't include a lining so I combined this pattern with another pattern I got from my friend Dawn for bags because it has easy directions for how to make a lining.

Lydia went to bed before I finished. I had told her it would be done by Friday (and she was very bummed because she wanted it for tomorrow) so she will be surprised when she comes down for breakfast in the morning and sees this at the breakfast bar.

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