Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Old Man

We've had Scout since he was 10 weeks old and he'll be 13 years old on October 5. He's really never been a very loving dog, just not the shnuggly type, but there is something about him that makes US love HIM quite a lot. He almost didn't make it to 8. We found out he had emphysema so bad that portions of his lungs had to be removed to save his life. Lately, he has really slowed down. He uses the house for a bathroom. He has also lost his hearing and about 10 pounds of muscle. We can tell he is really achy too. We took him to the doctor today and learned he has a tick born infection (curable) which is causing some of his pain, that and arthritis. We have started him on arthritis medication and an antibiotic. We're hoping the fact that he has been achy is what has caused the bathroom problem and it's not that he has started to lose his training. Time will tell. The arthritis meds should help him to be comfortable and as long as he is comfortable we won't have to say good-bye yet.

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