Friday, December 14, 2007

Big Cheese Week

Lydia was the "Big Cheese" at school this week. We visited her class on Tuesday, read a book and had lunch. The teacher decorated the bulletin board with pictures Lydia brought from home. She was line leader. It was a really big deal! We made these snowman pupcakes (what Lydia calls them) last night for her last day of Big Cheese Week. I got the idea from this recipe at The noses were carved from gummy bears (recipe calls for gummy fish...couldn't find 'em). I didn't have the recommended decorations for the eyes so I used what I coloring and toothpicks. These pupcakes are a bit tedious but they sure are cute. Lydia was very proud to share them at school today.


  1. Hi Becky,
    Lydia's cupcakes are so cute. I also like your owl cookies. How did Lydia like her bookmarker? I made a bookmarker for each kid in Tanner's class(23 of them)for him to put in their stocking.
    Have a Safe and Happy Holiday!!