Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Getting Ready for Sunday - THE BIG DAY!

The marathon is this coming Sunday! This evening I started my list of things I must have packed by tomorrow night. I will need to leave my house by 4 a.m. on Thursday to catch my flight to Minneapolis where I will spend a few hours before catching my connecting flight to Portland. Taking my knitting (scarf I am making for Lydia) for the layover in Minneapolis and flights. I am looking forward to seeing Portland for the first time and visiting with my friends. I'm also looking forward to the finish line and the whole experience of the marathon. Tara booked us a seat for the pasta dinner the night before the race. She also made reservations for massages at the spa for the day after. She is one of my most organized friends and I admire that about her.

I went on my 4th annual vacation to Door County with some close family friends this past weekend. As usual we shopped and laughed hard and enjoyed another fine play put on by the Peninsula Players. If you are ever in the Fish Creek area of Door County Wisconsin, stop at Villaggios for a delicious Italian dinner and glass of wine. I can't wait for next year!

(Left to right: Tina, Linda, Diane, Me, Connie.)

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